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Editorial board “Mein shtetele”
(“My settlement”)

Requests everyone, who was born, lived, worked or visited Belarus and remembers the pre-war Jewish settlements of the country, to contact us.
We request you to share your memories and photographs.
They are priceless for everyone, who thinks about the future of their children and grandchildren.
They are priceless for our nation.
We are ready to send you a list of questions, which we would like you to answer.
We are ready to record your memories on audio or video.
You can send the originals of photos, their photocopies or e-mail them to us (scanned in the original size, 300 dpi, in JPG format).

You can contact us and send a message directly from our website.
The message will be sent to

Our address:
PO box 22, Vitebsk-1, Belarus, 210001

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