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The village is located in Beshenkovichi region on the Ulla tiver, 72 kilometers away from Vitebsk. In 1995 the population of Bocheikovo constituted 1,160 people.

The place was first mentioned in 1460. In the 16-17th centuries the village was a part of Rech Pospolita, in 1793 it was annexed to the Russian Empire. At the end of the 19th, beginning of the 20th century, it was a part of Vitebsk province. In 1886 the population of the settlement constituted 250 people. There was a hospital, a school, a windmill, shops and a market. The local winery employed only 6 people.

According to the census, held in 1897, the population of Bocheikovo was 722 people.

At the beginning of 1941 Bocheikovo was occupied by the German army.

Jews appeared in Bocheikovo not later than the 18th century, their population being 75 people n 1766. In 1843 their population grew to 95, in 1838 – 105 (33.7% of the total population), in 1847 – 111 people, in 1876 – 132 people.

According to the population census of 1897, the Jewish population of Bocheikovo constituted 323 Jews, which was 44.7% of the total population.

From 1834 a hassidic synagogue was open to the public in Bocheikovo. There was a Jewish cemetery as well. The Jews in Bocheikovo were involved in gardening and selling dairy products. In 1909 – 1910 Morduch-Berl Shaevich Heruze was the local rabbi, in 1912-1914 – Meyer Soskind. In 1910 the rabbi's assistant was Zalman Bliakhman. In the 1920s the rabbi was Zvi Polotskov.

Bocheikovo was under the German occupation from July, 1941 to July, 1944. Its Jewish population was exterminated in 1942.

The population of Bocheikovo in 1970 was 918 people.

Arkady Podlipsky

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