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Lyntupy is located not far from Postavy in Vitebsk region. It is known that in 1897 the population of the town was 685 people, with 238 of them – Jews. The Polish, Belarusian and Jewish residents all lived peacefully together and respected the faiths and customs of the other residents. The war

Today there are two streets in Lyntypy that bear the names of two Soviet soldiers: Krasilnikov and Golubkov. They went through the whole war defending their motherland and did not survive to see the victory. The local schoolchildren have collected a lot of things relating about the heroes and the battles of that war. Lyntypy is located on the way from Vitebsk to Druya and nowadays has become a kind of “Mecca” due to its catholic church dating from the 15th century.

Extract from article by Ales Karlukevich
Newspaper “Sovetskaya Belorussia”, No 41 (23432). March 5th 2010.

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