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Yulia Krukovskaya


Girsh and Lia Leiman were born in the place called Old Tolochin. They got married in 1891. In 1892 their son Lev was born, then daughter Gnesia-Perla in 1894, Ruvim in 1895 and Sofia in 1899. In 1904 Lia died of a disease. Girsh got married for the second time and had another daughter Ida born in 1907.

Vera Vasilievna Chirkova.
Vera Vasilievna Chirkova.

Lev immigrated to the US and the family never heard from him again. Girsh was a strict father and demanded obedience from his children. He divorced his second wife. The children were gradually growing up and leaving the house. So in 1916 he lived alone in the town of Kurgan (where he and the family had moved years before).

Once in the evening in 1920 Girsh was alone at home. The light was on. He approached the window and someone shot at him through the window. He was thus killed at the age of about 50. His daughter Vera came from Cheliabinsk and buried him at the local cemetery.

In 1915 Perla met Peter Chirkov, who was at that time 24. They decided to get married, even though both their families were against. Perla converted into Christianity and got the name Vera Chirkova. Three months later a horrible thing happened: Peter was paralyzed. They had two children – Irina (born in 1919) and Lidia (born in 1923).

When the war started in 1941, their daughter Irina, a doctor, went to the battlefront and was killed in 1943.

Vera died at the age of 69 (in 1964). Peter died at the age of 76 in 1968.

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