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Vera Lapidus.
Vera Lapidus.
Samuil Lapidus.
Samuil Lapidus.

Samuil was born in 1892, a son of Yakov and Gita and Lapidus. He had two brothers: Moisey, Leva and sister Hava.

Samuil’s uncle, his father’s brother, Irma (Yeremey) was married to Basia and they had 11 children. Seven of them survived: Naum, Sasha, Binia (Venia), Yeva, Leva, Ida and Vera.

Samuil and Vera, who was born in 1905, were cousins. They lived in Rossitsa, Verhnedvinsk region. On October 30th 1932, Samuil married Vera. The marriage was registered in Verhnedvinsk (back then called Drissa). Samuil was 40. They moved to Yanino, where Basia, Gita and Grisha were born.

Later they moved to Otradnoye, not far from Lenigrad. When the war started, Vera was pregnant and gave birth to Katia on August 9th 1941. At the end of the month they decided it would be safer to leave and move eastwards.

Basia and Zhenia remember that they had a goat, which they had to eat on their way, because there was no food. The war was chasing them – Nazis were surrounding Lenigrad. They managed to get on a train and ended up in Tashkent, where they lived during the war. One of their daughters died there of measles.

After the war the family moved back to Yanino, because Otradnoye was in ruins. There they worked on a collective farm until Samuil’s death in 1972. Then Vera sold everything and moved to Leningrad to her younger daughter Katia. She died in 1995 at the age of 92.

Samuil was buried at a cemetery in Verhnedvinsk.

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