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Memorial at the former Jewish cemetery of Antonovka.
Memorial at the former Jewish
cemetery of Antonovka,
set by students of Maliatichi school
in 2004.
On a bank of the Chernaya Natopa River, where the Jews of Antonovka were shot.
On a bank of the Chernaya Natopa River,
where the Jews of Antonovka were shot.

Nikolay Volikov, born in 1913, lived in Antonovka during the war and saw the executions of peaceful residents of the village.

He witnesses that on November 14th 1941 Germans gathered the local residents of Antonovka – 18 Jewish residents. All of them were taken to a ditch and shot.

On December 19th 1941, the Germans took a local student, Zinaida Bertlieb, to the village of Shayevka, made her take her clothes off and shot. While opening the grave, where 19 people had been shot, historians found out that one woman had been holding a baby. The baby had not been shot – he had been buried alive. Another boy, about three years old, had been buried alive as well. His eyes were open.

Raisa Kukui. Raisa Kukui.
Raisa Kukui. Radio operator during the war.
One of the few survivors from Antonovka.

From the memories of Raisa Kukui, born in 1924:

When the executions began, a boy from the neighboring village of Maliatichi told us that the Nazis were shooting the Jews there. First my mom hid with us but then she came back home because our three-year old sister was there.

My brother and I remained in the barn.

Among the people who were shot are: the Vertliebs, Zach, Feigin, Shefrent, the Smolianskys, Kukui, the Neznanskys and others.

A friend of mine, Dania Neznanskaya and my two cousins, escaped to Bayevka. They were shot there. I am one of the few survivors.

The villages of Antonovka and Shayevka do not exist any more.

(From the archives of Mogilev project “Holocaust lessons”)

Prepared by A. Litin and I. Shenderovich.
Photo by A. Litin.

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