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From the stories of the witnesses

Valentina Alekseyevna Razdiolina.
Valentina Alekseyevna Razdiolina.

Valentina Alekseyevna Razdiolina (Davydenko), born in 1941

I was born in Samotevichi. My mother died right after the war and father started living with another woman from our village. She was the one who told me about the war and how the Jewish residents were executed.

Our village was Jewish. Some of the Jews were hidden in the woods by the partisans. I heard the names of the murdered Jews: Aron and his brother Shleim, Zhmeida, Altshuter, Mirk and Gertsen. They were killed by Germans: first men, then women. Then children were thrown into the grave and shot. The Jews were murdered in the center of the village.

Execution site of Samotevichi Jews. Execution site of Samotevichi Jews.
Execution site of Samotevichi Jews in March 1942.
Memorial set up by the victims' relatives in 1957.

Altshuler's small son (born in 1939 or 1940) was hidden by mother Yefrosinia and he was saved. After the war he studied in the same grade with me.

Some of the Jews came back to Samotevichi after the war.

(From Mogilev project "The lessons of the Holocaust")

Prepared by A. Litin, I. Shenderovich.
Photos taken by A. Litin

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