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A. Litin, I. Shenderovich

Busia Agranovskaya


In the summer of 1942 the Jewish population of Martinovka was taken away by Nazi policemen supposedly to the station called Zhurbin. The village of Martinovka does not exist anymore.

Praskovia Yevtihievna Zapekina.
Praskovia Yevtihievna Zapekina.

Praskovia Yevtihievna Zapekina (Burachkova), born in 1928.

I used to live in Martinovka from 1935 to 1943. There were 17 Belarusian and 5 Jewish households.

Hana had son Yazik, daughter Rahilia and baby son Misha.

Solomon and Lisa had two sons, Sema and Misha, 5 and 3 correspondingly.

Solomon Osher with wife Lisa and sister Hana joined the partisans and survived.

Mainly old people and children remained in the Jewish families in Martinovka: Ratner Mendel with his wife (at the time they were about 80), Nahanisa Belenky and his sister Feigele and a woman called Shandabrila.

There were also the Gitkins: mother Fania (Heilia), son Petia, daughters Vera and Nina.

When Nazi policemen came to take the Jews away, Fania and the children managed to run off. Later they joined the partisans. Perhaps, someone had warned them about the raids.

A year later we were sent to a concentration camp. We were then questioned and after the questioning 15 people were shot. The policemen were from Russia. We were threatened we would be killed as well. We were saved by two Germans – German and Max.

We were put into a train, a department for the cattle. There were 14 families. We spent there three days…

When Martinovka was liberated, only Osher returned there. He built a house and lived there for some time. However, later his house and bees were taken away from him. So, he moved to Klimovichi. He had a son.

Freida (Nina) Gitkina retuned to Zhurbin. Fania and Petia lived in Kostukovichi.

(From Mogilev project "The lessons of the Holocaust")

Prepared by A. Litin and I. Shenderovich.
Photos taken by A. Litin

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