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The place where the Jews of Belynkovichi were execution has not been found.

Lilia Leonovna Koroleva.
Lilia Leonovna Koroleva.

From the story of Lilia Koroleva (Nahodkina), born in 1930.

“A lot of Jews lived near us before the war. The Radinskys lived opposite our house. They had three children who I studied with. Their names were Emma, Zina, Isaak. I also knew the Edlins. Their children’s names were Zhenia, Shurka and Isaak. There was the family of Moisey and Sarah. They had daughter named Nadia and a boy who was sick. They were all killed during the Nazi occupation.

Before the war there were about twenty Jewish houses in our street. The street from the crossroads to the cemetery was called Jewish street. Only one Jewish house remains up to our days.

The last Jewish house in Belynkovichi.
The last Jewish house in Belynkovichi.

Very few Jews left before the war began.

Some Jews left for Surazh and burnt their houses down. The Edlins were shot here in 1942.

Place where Belynkovichi Jewish cemetery was located.
Place where Belynkovichi Jewish cemetery was located.

In 1941, on the second day of the German invasion, three Jewish men were shot in the forest. Among them was Radinsky, Haim Pishik. I do not know who the third person was.

Shurka, Zhenia and Enechka were all my Jewish friends. Shura was already in the 9th grade. There also was a Jewish woman, Muha, who also lived with the Edlins. They joined the partisans but were caught by Nazi policemen and murdered. They were buried by Semion Kozakov. This place was not marked. It is impossible to find it now.

I do not know where the others were killed.

Then we all lived in the forest. Our village was burnt down.

(Taken from the archives of Mogilev project “the lessons of the Holocaust”)

Prepared by A. Litin and I. Shenderovich.
Photo by A. Litin.

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