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Sergey Ivanovich Lotsmanov.
Sergey Ivanovich Lotsmanov.

Sergey Ivanovich Lotsmanov, born in 1970, a teacher of a local school.

I asked some old people and based on their stories I managed to find a place, where the local Jews were executed. The execution took place in the autumn of 1942.

During the German occupation Lenino was given its pre-revolutionary name – Romanovo. The building of the local school was turned into a Nazi police station.

Fascists especially hated former Soviet workers and Jews.

I have collected some stories told by the witnesses of the executions. Here are some of the facts I learned from them:

Anna Ignatievna Karnaukhova.
Anna Ignatievna Karnaukhova.

Anna Ignatievna Karnaukhova, born in 1923.

“When Nazis entered the village, they first behaved quietly.

Then the executions began. We were told that we could not give shelter to Jews in our houses. There were a lot of Jews in our village. Some of them left in hopes of survival. Those, who had nowhere to go to, remained at home and tried to hide themselves.

Many of our men were present at the execution site. They were made to cover the graves with the ground. Ivan Lazichny told us that adults were shot. Since they were holding their children by the hand, the children were falling into the ditch alive. It was raining. The ditch was filled with water, which was mixed with the blood of the poor victims.

After the execution the Nazis declared that they would not harm any Jews that were left alive. They told everyone to come back home. Initially they kept their promises. However, later these people were assembled and taken away somewhere.”

In the years of the German occupation, 186 Lenino residents were murdered by Nazis. (Before the war the population was 835 people)

From materials, prepared by S.I. Lotsmanov

Place of execution of Lenino Jews.
Place of execution of Lenino Jews.

Prepared by A. Litin, I. Shenderovich
Photos taken by I. Litin

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