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Assumed execution site of Jewish men from Batsevichi. Orthodox cemetery of Batsevichi.
Assumed execution site of Jewish men from Batsevichi. Orthodox cemetery of Batsevichi.

From the story of Alexandra Ivanovna Smirnova.

Before the war my grandparents used to live in Batsevichi. A lot of Jews lived there back then.

From the very first days of the war our relatives Sofia and Anna Rubinchik came to stay with my grandparents from Bobruisk. They were hoping they would escape the war.

On June 30th. 1941 Nazis occupied Batsevichi. All the local Jews had to register themselves and a ghetto was formed.

Burial place of the Kantorovich family. Burial place of the Kantorovich family.
Burial place of the Kantorovich family (7 people)
at the Orthodox cemetery in former Ustie (now suburb of Batsevichi).

On a November morning, 1941, Nazis took all the Jews to the village outskirts, where a ditch had been prepared. There they shot about 150 people. Luba Krechmer, Anna and Sofia Rubinchik were among the lucky ones who managed to escape the execution. They had been warned by a Nazi policeman,

In 1942 Luba, Anna and Sofia were accepted to a partisan detachment.

Recorded 04.10.1999 (from the funds of Klichev lore museum.)

Sonia Aronovna Roifer-Rubinchik.

I, my mother, sister and brother left for the village of Batsevichi, - recalls Sonia. – This was the village where my parents came from. Father was not with us - he had been arrested by the Soviet authorities.

Life in Batsevichi was becoming more and more unbearable. In October 1941 Germans broke into the village, gathered all the Jewish men and told them they would be sent to work. Instead they were taken out of the village and all shot. Then in November all the remaining Jewish population was killed. Among them was my mother Raya and brother Abram. I was in the forest at that time.

(Semion Zolotarev, “Kaskad”, USA # 219. August 6-20 2004.)

Residents of the village Ustie (now suburbs of Batsevichi)

Maria Pavlovna Petrusevich.
Maria Pavlovna Petrusevich.

Maria Pavlovna Petrusevich (Paramonova), born in 1933.

I am now living in the village, which was called Ustie before the war. There was a village between Ustie and Batsevichi. The population of Batsevichi was mostly Jewish.

Only one Jewish family was living in our village, not far from us. Their daughter Mira was a good friend of mine. She was a pretty girl. One day in autumn Nazis came to the village and took the whole family with them. I hid Mira in our house – I really wanted her to survive! However, a Nazi policeman saw her enter our house. He came to us and told my mother they would kill our whole family if she did not give Mira away. So she was taken away. The whole family was executed.

Assumed execution of Batsevichi Jews.
Assumed execution of Batsevichi Jews
(the second execution of women and children).

After the war the only member of that family, Mira’s brother, came to Batsevichi. He buried the remains of his family members at the cemetery and set up a memorial in their honor.

Olga Voropai, born in 1927

Only one Jewish woman, Roha, lived in Ustie. I do not remember her family name. We used to visit each other. She was shot like everyone else. She was old.

Prepared by A. Litin and I. Shenderovich.
Photo by A. Litin.

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