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Tatiana Sergeyevna Pevner.
Tatiana Sergeyevna Pevner.

Tatiana Sergeyevna Pevner, born in 1928:

There were a lot of houses. The Jews used to celebrate their holidays. There was a synagogue. Next to us lived Simon's family: he had a wife and several children. We were all friends. It was a big settlement. Everything was burnt down during the war.

One Nazi policeman shot a Jew for a hat. He was killed later as well.

The local Jews were assembled – they were allowed only to take small bags. I remember Jews coming up to my mom and telling her they would be taken somewhere. They were all taken to the cemetery and shot. Later some local Belarusian residents came to the grave and took the victims' belongings.

One teacher survived – she crawled out of the grave. Someone gave her shelter.

Prepared by A. Litin, I. Shenderovich
Photos by A. Litin

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