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Alexander Litin


The village of Selets, 10 km away from Mogilev, was a village with mainly Jewish population. Today there are no Jews living in Selets.

Naum Alterovich Tseitlin

Naum Alterovich Tseitlin.
Naum Alterovich Tseitlin.

I was born in Selets on January 7, 1917. I do not remember myself at a very small age. I do not remember when my parents sent me a cheder, either, but this was where I learned to read and to write. After studying in the cheder, I was sent to Mogilev to study in a Jewish school. In 1937 I entered the Pedagogical College in Mogilev and graduated in 1941. Then the war began and I was drafted to the army. At the beginning of the war our regiment was encircled by Germans and many people were killed. I managed to break out and came back to my village.

On September 9, 1941, Nazis took all the Jews from Selets to Mogilev. Thus we turned out in a German concentration camp. Many Jews were killed there. I, Aron and Elia (from our village) escaped from the camp and joined the partisans. Aron was killed. Elia returned from the war handicapped. He later moved to Israel. I was with the partisans and participated in the liberation of Rogachev.

Before moving to Israel in 1990 I lived in Rogachev and worked at different jobs.

I got married in 1945. My wife is also from Selets. We've been married for 61 years and have three children.

(From the archive of Mogilev project "The lessons of the Holocaust")

Galina Grigorievna Chernyh, born in 1921.

Galina Grigorievna Chernyh.
Galina Grigorievna Chernyh.

I was born on May 10, 1921 in Selets, a Jewish shetle. I was brought up in a poor family with 4 children. Mother was widowed at the age of 36 and had to bring us up alone.

Grandmother and mother were very religious. They told us in Yiddish: "When you are told that there is no god, say nothing. You cannot go against the world. But in your heart you should know that there is God." Mother had not studied anywhere but she could read in Hebrew and knew prayers by heart. There were two synagogues in Selets. One of them was destroyed by fire in the 20s. The other one was turned into a warehouse and then into a club.

I finished 7 grades in a Jewish school in Selets in 1937. Then I continued my education in Mogilev. Before the war the whole family moved to Mogilev.

(From the archive of Mogilev project "The lessons of the Holocaust")

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