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Nikolay Vladimirovich Demianovich.
Nikolay Vladimirovich Demianovich at the Jewish cemetery.

From the story of Nikolay Vladimirovich Demianovich, born in 1930, a resident of Krucha:

“Jews used to live in the central street of the settlement. There was a synagogue not far from the new hospital. A former rich Jewish house was later turned into a school.

Approximately in October or November all the Jewish residents had to move to a few houses in Kozlina street. They did not live there long – a week or two. They were then taken to a forest not far from the Jewish cemetery and shot. About 150 people were executed. Among them I remember the Drutskins, Merkin, and the Levins.”

Nikolay Vladimirovich was also caught by Nazis in 1944 for his connection with the partisans but he managed to get away.

(From the archive of Mogilev project “The lessons of the Holocaust”)

Olga Yegorovna Lukina.
Olga Yegorovna Lukina.

From the story of Olga Yegorovna Lukina (Sidorkovich), born in 1910, a resident of Krucha:

“Only one Belarusian family lived in the central street – all the rest were Jewish.

The Jewish residents were good people.

When fascists were killing the Jewish residents, the bodies were chaotically thrown into the ditch. Some of the local residents were told to put the bodies in lines. One man remembered later that when he touched Genka Drutskina on the leg, she moved. She was still alive. She used to live with her two daughters, who were also shot. Before the execution she said she would survive. She said she would pretend she was dead. She was not lucky – the fascists buried her alive.

(From the archive of Mogilev project “The lessons of the Holocaust”)

Prepared by A. Litin, I. Shenderovich
Photos taken by A. Litin

Jewish settlements in Mogilev region

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