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Anatoly Ivanovich Chekunov.
Anatoly Ivanovich Chekunov.

Anatoly Ivanovich Chekunov, born in 1934.

I was born not far from Gory and have lived here my whole life.

In 1939 father came back from the war with Finland and bought a house from a Jewish man, named Shmuila, in the northern part of Gory, where only Jews lived.

The town had a synagogue.

When the war began, my brothers and sisters left to live with our grandmother. I remember the town being bombed. On June 22 all the local men, both Jews and non-Jews, were mobilized. Mainly old people, women and children remained in Gory. Most probably, some of them evacuated their families because some houses were deserted.

In October 1941, early in the morning, Germans in black uniforms and skull tabs on their sleeves, arrived into the town. It was the punitive force.

Our suburb was raided by four Germans and some policemen. They entered the houses, searched everything, tore open the pillows and ordered all the people to go outside. We also were convoyed to the center of Gory. To our luck, someone shouted that we were not Jewish and we were then allowed to go home. The other people were taken to the flax-mill and shot…

Lazar Kushelevich Gurevich.
Lazar Kushelevich Gurevich.

On September 29, 1943, the local Nazi policemen were all hanged here.

After the war the head of the collective farm was Lazar Kushelevich Gurevich. He had a local Russian wife and children. He remained in Gory after the war. The rest of the people did not come back here. His children are now living in Minsk.

We have a Jewish cemetery. The Jews that were murdered in the war were not reburied there.

Prepared by A, Litin, I Shenderovich
Photos taken by A. Litin

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