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View of Moliatichi. The last road taken by Moliatichi Jews.
View of Moliatichi.
The last road taken by Moliatichi Jews.

Evidence provided by witnesses of executions of the Jewish population:

Yevdokia Demidovna Semionova, a resident of Moliatichi, Krichev region, born in 1907.

During the German occupation I used to live in the village of Moliatichi and witnessed the abuse of the local population by the occupants. In November, 1941, Germans arrived in the village in cars and ordered all the residents to get together. There were about 70 people, including old people, women and children of different ages. The Nazis took them to a ditch that had been previously prepared and shot all of them. On the following day 19 more women and children were assembled and shot as well.

On November 3, 1941 a woman with two children was brought to the German commandant's office from the village of Antonovka. One boy was about 7 and the other 2. The Nazis took the woman to the bridge and shot her together with the smaller boy. The other boy tried to escape but was caught and shot.

Yelena Filippovna Bertlub, a resident of Moliatichi, born in 1903.

Молятичи. One of the buildings that used to belong to the Jews.
One of the buildings that used to belong to the Jews.

In winter, 1941 Germans arrested a family; their last name was Zach: two women and a boy of about 12. All of them were taken to a well and thrown there alive. All in all, about 120-130 people were shot in and near Moliatichi during the German occupation.

Наум Вертлиб - организаторов комсомола в Малятичах.
Far left – Naum Vertlieb – one of Komsomol organizers
of Moliatichi. Killed at the battlefront in 1943.
Photo from the local museum.

From the story told by Lina Vladimirovna Kobozeva, born in 1949.

I am working as a principal of Moliatichi comprehensive school. I've heard a lot about the war from my father's stories. He often remembered the day when in autumn, 1941 he, together with some other people, came to Antonovka and Moliatichi to warn that Jews were being murdered in the neighboring villages. The local Jews did not believe them...

Only one boy survived the execution. He was about 10 or 11. He managed to escape and after the war set up a memorial here.

In 2004 we set up a memorial on the burial site of the Moliatichi Jews, murdered by Nazis.

(From the archive of Mogilev project "Lessons of the Holocaust")

Prepared by A. Litin and I. Shenderovich.
Photo by A. Litin.

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