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Yevgeny Itkin

A. Litin, I. Shenderovich

Yevgeny Itkin


Memorial to the Jews executed in Naprasnovka.
Memorial to the Jews
executed in Naprasnovka.

Most members of my family from mother's side, namely grandparents and their family (last name Krasner), originated from the village of Naprasnovka in Foretsky district.

I am interested in Naprasnovka. If it were not for your website, I would not be aware this place still exists.

Judging by my grandparents' stories, all the Jews that used to live in Naprasnovka, were executed by Nazis. My grandmother's family had been evacuated and thus survived. However, my grandfather's family remained in Belarus.

From the stories of my grandmother I understood that many Jews that lived in those places, were unwilling to be evacuated. They would say: "We will communicate with Germans. We speak Yiddish and can understand each other." However, that did not help and they were all killed there, in Naprasnovka. Almost the whole family of my grandfather was executed there. Also there was his first wife, who was pregnant at the time. Some cousins survived (their last name is Solovey) because they had been evacuated. My grandfather, who fought in the war, also survived.

Grandfather narrated that near the village there had been a big ditch, where hundreds of people had been murdered. My grandmother's brother, who was an engineer in Orsha, set up a memorial in Naprasnovka. When I was about 9 my grandfather took me to Naprasnovka and showed me the memorial and the burial site.

There were no Jews left in Naprasnovka then.

Yevgeny Itkin

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