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Dashkovka is a village in Mogilev region. The name of the settlement originates from the Dashka River. The village was founded between 1597 and 1720.

At the end of the 19th century the village had 153 wooden houses (of them 106 were Christian and 47 – Jewish).

In the village of Dashkovka 42 Jews were shot during the war. After the war the village had no Jewish residents.

Alexander Litin, Ida Shenderovich

The Holocaust

Yevdokia Gliakova.
Yevdokia Gliakova.

All the Jewish population of Dashkovka, about 40 people, were shot by fascists in the village suburbs in the autumn of 1941.

From the story of Yevdokia Ilyinichna Gliakova, born in 1925:

Memorials on execution site. Memorials on execution site.
Memorials on execution site.

“I originate from the Ukraine. In the 30s our family moved to Belarussia. I’ve been living in Dashkovka since 1932. Before the war many Jews used to live in the central street – there were about 60 houses.

My mother was working in a stable – she worked night shifts with an old man, whose last name was Shifrin. He would tell her many times: “There will be a war! We’ll all be killed. You’ll see. If we survive, you can spit on me, if I am wrong.” She didn’t believe him. Shifrin’s children lived in Leningrad.

There were long battles near Mogilev. We spent 18 days in the basement. I used to run out to feed the pigs and cows. That was when my sister was killed. I would not let mother go out of the shelter because we were five children and I would not know what to do without her.

On one of the days a big punitive squad surrounded our village. All the people had to gather next to the church. I was sick but I was forced to go as well. Germans had a list of all the residents. They called out eleven people (all of them belonged to the communist party). Jews had to stand separately. We were allowed to go home. Two Jewish residents hid themselves in the cemetery but were found by Nazis and shot.

The execution site was in the suburbs. Jews and communists had to stand separately. Then women, whose husbands had been shot, came to the execution site. They recognized their husbands by the shoes. They were too scared to open up the grave for fear of being persecuted by the Nazis.

There were two execution sites. Today there are two memorials.

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