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Alexander Litin, Ida Shenderovich

Maria Yurchenko


This letter was brought to Mogilev Jewish community by Maria Tikhonovna Yurchenko, a resident of our town. It seems to us that the story, told in the letter, would be of interest for your readers. We also hope that this will help the ancestors of Mrs. Lapitskaya to find out about the tragic fate of their relatives.

Ida Shenderovich

“Three years ago I found the grave of my brother Vasily, who was killed on August 13, 1943, near Moscow. I know how important it is to know the fate of one’s relatives, so I feel I should share the story about the death of a Jewish woman, who hid in our house during the war. At the beginning of September, 1941, the old Lapitskys (we do not know their names), Dribin residents, were taken on a horse carriage to Gorky. We found out later they had been taken there to be executed. The old man was taken away, while the old woman managed to escape. She really wanted to survive to see her son Solomon Lapitsky, who was at that time in the army.

The Lapitskys were hardworking and sociable people – they knew everyone in the neighborhood. The old lady relied on our family in the difficult moment. We were living in the village of Borodienki, Dribin region. She came to our house. We started calling her “granny”.

It was a very difficult time and we had to hide her in different places.

In 1942 executions started in our village. Nazis were taking hostages. My mother also happened to be in the list of the victims. They were suspecting we were hiding someone. We had to think of some other place to hide the granny. Mother wanted to send her to our relatives’ house.

Once, at night, the granny decided to go to the woods to see some acquaintances of hers. Some time later Dmitry Kozlov came to our house and said that our granny was in the commandant’s office and was asking mother to come there.

The following day, on November 21, 1942, mother came to the commandant’s office. There she was told that the granny had been executed.

We heard that her son came to Dribin after the war. After finding out that all his relatives had been killed, he went to Moscow. I would like Solomon and his family to find out how his mother and granny died. In any case, I feel better after writing all of this on paper. May you all be healthy and happy and never know what war is.”

Maria Tikhonovna Yurchenko,

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