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Mikhail Kemerov

A. Litin, I. Shenderovich

A. Litin, I. Shenderovich


The State archive of Mogilev region

Document dated December 8, 1944, Kostukovichi

In September 1942, 380 innocent Jewish residents were murdered and buried in a mass grave. The victims had been forced to undress to underwear. Some children, younger than 6, had broken vertebrae. Some women were found holding babies in their arms.

The German occupants totally exterminated the Jewish population of Kostukovichi. On September 3, 1942 the Jews of Kostukovichi were told they would be evacuated to Palestine. The assembled people – children, women, men, whole families, were taken out of town and shot. There were 382 people.

Before the execution some of the men were made to dig out the grave. Then groups of 50 people were told to come up to the grave and shot. Children were thrown in alive. The execution was carried out by the Nazi police. The execution took place at 5 p.m.

Among the executed were: the Tylkins (three children and wife), the Kaplans (two children, man and wife), the Zlotins (four children and wife), the Sheinins (three people), the Itzkovs (four people), the Haskins (five people), the Plutkovs (five people), the Nanins (two people), the Genins, the Zabrianskys, the Pismans and many other families.

In the same month 90 Jews were murdered by Nazi police in Somotevichi.

The list of Jewish residents of Kostukovichi, executed in Kommunary:

Averbakh, 8 people
Agranovsky, 5 people
Bas, 4 people
Bakhrakh, 4 people
Blokh, 3 people
Blimkin, 6 people
Brodner , 5 people
Bruk, 3 people
Volf, 3 people
Gordon, 2 people, Genin, 3 people
Genin, 6 people
Germin, 2 people
Gurkov, 3 people
Gusakov, 5 people
Gusakov, 7 people
Gutin, 3 people
Dymantman, 5 people
Dynkin, 5 people
Dynkin, 8 people
Yevelson, 4 people
Zabransky, 2 people
Zinger, 3 people
Zlotin, 5 people
Itskov, 4 people
Kozlov, 6 people
Kozlov, 7 people
Kazulin, 4 people
Kaplan, 5 people
Karpelev, 12 people
Kogan, 2 people
Kogan, 2 people
Kazakevich, 7 people
Kazakevich, 2 people
Kazakevich, 4 people
Kazakevich, 6 people
Kazakevich, 4 people
Leichtman, 11 people
Levetin, 7 people
Leimus, 6 people
Litvinov, 4 people
Makhlin, 10 people
Moishin, 2 people
Monin, 2 people
Movner, 2 people
Porkin, 6 people
Poliakov, 7 people
Perchik, 3 people
Pesin, 3 people
Pevzner, 3 people
Pisman, 3 people
Pisman, 8 people
Pisman, 7 people
Rodner, 5 people
Rizhsky, 2 people
Smoliakov, 4 people
Smoliakov, 5 people
Smoliansky, 5 people
Trigubov, 3 people
Tumarkin, 3 people
Tylkin, 4 people
Feldman, 4 people
Frisman, 7 people
Haikin, 5 people
Haikin, 7 people
Haitovich, 4 people
Haskin, 5 people
Tsygenbot, 5 people
Tsyngaus, people
Charnamordik, people
Chernomorets, 4 people
Cherniak, 2 people
Shmidov, 5 people
Shnitman, 8 people
Sheinin, 4 people
Leva Gurevich
Doba Kitayeva
Leiba Kitayev
Lusik Leibovich Kitayev
Peikh Leibovich Kitayev
Haim Leibovich Kitayev
Moisey Girshevich Kazakevich
Hasia Haikelevna Kazakevich
Tsylia Moiseyevna Kazakevich
Dora Sandler
Yasha Sandler
Ida Afroimovna Sprintz
Sprints, 2 people
Riva Neikhovna Sprintz
Haim Afroimovich Sprintz
A.D. Afronchenko (born in 1940)
V.D. Afronchenko (born in 1938)
L.V. Afronchenko (born in 1911)
M.D. Afronchenko (born in 1932)
S.D. Afronchenko (born in 1935)
Belov, 3 people
M.D. Irtova (born in 1899)
T.M. Irtova (born in 1936)
L.M. Irtov (born in 1930)
M.N. Irtov (born in 1897)
F.M. Irtov (born in 1927)
Kamorchenko, 2 people
Krushenkin, 4 people
V.S. Listopadova (born in 1889)
E.S. Listopadova (born in 1924)
E.S. Listopadova (born in 1930)
S.Z. Listopadov (born in 1875)
A.V. Margelov (born in 1901)
V.I. Margelov (1898)
I.S. Margelov (born in 1887)
Moskalev, 4 people
Parchuk, 5 people
Aliona Yemelianovna Pantsleyeva (born in 1927)
Ganna Yemelianovna Pantsleyeva (born in 1921)
Lubov Yemelianovna Pantsleyeva (born in 1916)
P.E. Panstleyeva (born in 1916)
F.P. Pantsleyeva (born in 1898)
Trasiakov, 5 people
V.A. Failovich (born in 1913)
V.V. Failovich (born in 1924)
Varvara Yemelianovna Chernoguzova (born in 1888)
Galina Pavlovna Chernoguzova (born in 1839)
Dina Pavlovna Chernoguzova (born in 1938)
Maria Ilarionovna Chernoguzova (born in 1914)
Zhan Pavlovich Chernoguzov (born in 1936)
Vladimir Yegorovich Chernoguzov (born in 1920)
Lazar Yakovlevich Sheinin (born in 1924)

Prepared by A. Litin, I. Shenderovich
Photos taken by A. Litin

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