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Memories of Nina Ignatievna Tatur


Nina Ignatievna Tatur.
Nina Ignatievna Tatur.

I was born in the family of a railway worker in 1927. My father’s name was Ignaty Iosifovich Tatur. Mother, Elena Kasperovna, was a housewife. There were four children in the family.

Before the war

Our Grodzianka was a shtetle. A lot of Jews used to live here. It seems to me the Jewish population was higher that Belarusian.

I remember some of them very well. Malka Vinokur used to study with me at school. Her father, Mikhail, used to sell wine and beer. We were friends with Malka. There were five children in their family. Most of the Jewish families had a lot of children


Another classmate of mine was Dovid Belin. His father was repressed in 1937. They had four children in their family. There were some other people that I remember.

The occupation

Germans invaded Grodzianka on July 1, 1941. It was terrifying: they rode their motorcycles, sleeves rolled up. They were looking for the Russian soldiers. Most of the Jewish families remained in Grodzianka. First they lived in their own houses but then were all forced to move to one house, which was then fenced. Jews had to attach yellow stars to their clothes. All the Jewish houses were taken by Nazi policemen. My brother Kostia (at that time he was ten) used to bring the ghetto residents bread and potatoes.

In November 1942 all the Jews were shot.

The story was recorded by Neonila Lvovna Tsyganok.
Grodzianka, 15.08.2006

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