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I would like to share something I know very little of, and, unfortunately, will not be able to find any information about. I would like to share the story of my family.

More than two years ago I was collecting materials about the participation of Jews in the partisan movement of Belarus and the Holocaust. I was doing this for my son – a historian, living in Jerusalem. He asked me to write the history of our family.

My parents, Aron Markovich Uretsky and Mera Abramovna Zukeman, were born in Belarusia. Their roots also originate from the Belarusian land.

My grandmother, Meyer Girshevich, and grandmother, Haya Berkovna (maiden name Danilovich) used to live in Propoisk (in 1945 renamed Slavgorod). They had eight children: five sons and three daughters. They were considered a rather well-off cultured and respected family.

After the revolution, when there was a possibility to leave for bigger cities, the children left home. One of the sons, Girsh, moved to Moscow. Before the war he and his wife Mara had two sons. In 1941 they sent their sons, aged 12 and 6, to their grandparents in Propoisk. At that time the war broke out and Girsh did not manage to take the children back. The grandparents refused to evacuate. On July 15, 1941 Germans were in Propoisk.

Girsh participated in the defense of Moscow.

Father's youngest brother was a sick person and, due to that, he was not mobilized. They say, he helped the partisans and was shot.

In October, 1941, fascists assembled all the Jews – more than 90 people – on the town outskirts. Among them there were my grandparents. They were very old. The boys ran away but were also killed later.

In 1946 Girsh had a daughter, Klara, who is currently living in the USA with her family.

Father's brothers Nathan and Moisey moved to Leningrad.

My father, Aron, was mobilized at the beginning of the war. He participated in the liberation of the Ukraine, the Carpathian Mountains, Poland, Konigsberg, Hungary and Romaina.

My mother, Mera Abramovna Zukerman, was born in Krasnopolie. My grandfather, Avrom-Iche Zukerman and grandmother Perla had five daughters and two sons. Grandfather died in 1939. My uncle Leva was mobilized to the Caucuses. His brother Morthe was mobilized to Leningrad and was killed in 1941. Grandmother Perla died in 1941 (because of an infection).

During the war life was hard. My mother evacuated with the last train – she did not even have time to take any belongings with her. Father was already at the battlefront. Mother was pregnant. Despite that she had to do physical work. My brother Arkady was born on February 8, 1942 in the Urals.

Klintsy was liberated on September 25, 1943. At the beginning of October mother and Arkady were back in Klintsy.

Nina Levinson

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